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Welcome to VJpublications, this is a website being run by Blogger and programmer James Waldrup, who intends to create an independent reviews and share links of different computing software applications. Through this website, you will be provided with different reviews and articles like this one:

“Today’s occasion was only a little introduction, with Microsoft taking note of that Windows 10 is still in the early stages, and a ton of stuff is liable to change also there are huge amounts of buyer features they haven’t talked about it. Yet they issued us a short research a portion of the new stuff, the majority of which looks great.

Microsoft is bringing its versatile digital assistant, Cortana, to the desktop. On the desktop, cortana will be the central area for searching your local machine and the web, either by the voice or in a query. Overhauled apps is previously called modern or metro-style application, Microsoft is presently calling them General applications as they’ll look and function virtually the same diverse Win10 devices. While every last bit of its inherent apps will be redesign in the last discharge, the two you can check out in this most recent form are Photos and Maps. Windows store beta are talking about the new universal applications, the windows app store has been upgraded and it is currently in beta stage.
The desktop icons have been updated and look very different to those in present versions of Windows. We were guaranteed a couple of surprises today, and it’s fair to say thet Microsoft came with a huge surprise it is the Windows Holographic. It is an AR stage, giving you a chance to see 3D projections using a couple of AR googles. Microsoft additionally showed HoloLens a wearable, wire free pc that will empower Windows Holographic which the company says will accessible sooner or later in the Windows 10 timeline….”

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